Monday, June 22, 2009

Big Shoes to Fill

Well- slap my hand for the big blogging hiatus but we're back online! Graham and I have traveled tons in the past 6 weeks- taking two trips to VA (one happy, one sad) and one trip to San Diego. We're home now and tired!! Graham is making huge developmental inroads.

In the past month and a half he has begun to attempt words (usually leaving out most of the consonants), he picks out books for us to read to him, and he has a great auditory vocabulary and seems to understand more and more of what we say to him. He's had a second haircut (he gets shaggy quickly!) and is moving all over the place. He has also learned to flush the toilet and turn lights on and off. With all of these changes, though, one of my favorites has to be that he has gotten more interested in playing dress up with Mommy and Daddy's clothes. We had to help him into these shoes, but he loved it!!

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