Monday, October 27, 2008

This Bear's Ready To Hibernate!

It was an unseasonably cold day in VA Beach so we had to hook this little cub up with some warmer clothes. After this photo was taken he grabbed a big hunk of leaves from the wreath and promptly ripped it off of the wall. I'm going to have to watch him a bit more carefully now- this little bear gets his paws on everything.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Graham: The Beginning

Just a reminder of how far the Grahaminator has come...check out this cute little button!!

Graham Meets His Grandaddy

Graham met his Grandaddy for the first time today. I am not sure who was more amused. In the illustrious words of Paris Hilton, they are BFF's now.

New Post from the Old Dominion

Graham and I have arrived in Virginia and today he got his first view of the Atlantic Ocean. He just stared and stared- at the water the sand. We think it was a big hit!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Requisite Baby Bath Shots

In the Pantheon of required baby pictures, the baby bath pic must be king. Graham has recently grown out of the little sling chair we used to have him lay in and has now graduated to the kitchen sink. I can wash him and the dirty dishes at the same time! Just kidding. The only problem is he constantly wants to stand up and stomp his feet in the water, splashing it all over the place... small price to pay for the spectacle that is bathing Graham.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

A junior foodie is born

Graham was exposed to his first solid food today and I think that we can definitely say that he was a fan. He needed a head to toe bath afterwards. Is he a future foodie like his Mom? It remains to be seen- though he did say that he felt the combination of rice cereal flakes and formula was a delightful pairing- unexpected and lacking in pretention. Nuff said. To see footage, check out our video postings.

Visting the "Graham Canyon"

We took Graham and Grammie to the Grand Canyon over the weekend. It's funny how everyone reacts to seeing something like that differently.

Grammie: It's breathtaking. I want to draw it.
Kelly: It's beautiful- we should get a picure of Graham in front of it.
Andy: It's a big hole. Great. Let's go shopping.
Graham: I'm hungry.

No matter our opinions- none of us could deny that a good time was had by all.
Grammie enjoying the scenery.
Me trying to keep Graham from trying to pee over the edge.
Full moon over Sedona Red Rocks on the drive to the canyon.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Warning: Obscenely cute pictures follow

Today Graham had such a grand time sitting up and playing on his Boppy pillow that he put himself right to sleep (if only that happened every day).

I know, I know- these are the kinds of photos that parents love and other people probably think are terribly boring. Your kid sleeping? Great- whoopdie doo. However, I could not help myself!! So, don't blame me when you pass out and fall on the floor because these photos are so cute they will render you unconscious.

Meet Mr. Cool

The sun never sets when you're cool. That's what Graham says, at least. Moreover, he no longer screams like we're trying to kill him when we put these on his head. So enjoy this latest picture of the coolest kid on the block.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Merrily Rolling Along

For the past few days Graham has been flirting with the idea of rolling over- from his back to his belly. Today we finally caught it on tape. Check out our latest Graham video post to see history in the making.

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Getting Provisions...

Graham, Andy, and I made our monthly trip last night to stock up on some provisions- yes, Sierra Vista is so small that we drive one hour to Tucson to obtain certain items. We took some pictures of the trip to Tuscon to give you an idea of what the surroundings here look like. Other than the town we live in, it's very beautiful here.

Friday, October 3, 2008

Recent Recipes

Andy, Graham, and I decided to get ourselves out of a recent food rut where we were eating the same things every week. So, every night in September, I made a recipe from my Gourmet magazine or Food and Wine. You'd be surprised how many of those recipes were bad!! However, there were some winners and I created links to them in the sidebar. Try them and let us know how it goes!

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Continuing to discover the world- one appendage at a time.

Graham's lastest discovery this past week- his feet. I don't think that he understands what they are or what they're for, but he definitely knows they're there.

Graham finds his fingers

Motivated by an overwhelming desire to cost us thousands of dollars later for orthodontics, Graham has begun sucking on his fingers, his hands, basically anything he can get into his mouth.

I'd be upset if it weren't so unbelievably cute. I guess this means that teeth are on the horizon! First teeth...then he'll be asking for the keys to the car.

Graham visits the rainforest...well, kind of.

I made the mistake of walking through the baby toy section at Target today and, "just for fun", placing Graham in a toy called a Jumparoo. Well, he loved it and was so excited when I placed him in it that he started squealing and hyperventilating. Unfortunately, a fully interactive infant rainforest habitat does not come cheap, but having seen his reaction and seeing as I am a sucker, 15 minutes and close to $100 dollars later, Graham and I walked out with this monstrosity.

Welcome to the Nichols Blog!

We are finally converts. After sending out MANY emails with picture and video forwards, we have wised up (like so many of our peers) and created a blog. We hope you enjoy coming here and keeping up with Graham pics and other news about what's going on in our lives!