Friday, November 21, 2008

Rolling with my Homies

In a further effort to keep us from sleeping, Graham has become mobile. Last week he began pushing himself up onto his hands and forearms in what appears to be a precrawl position. He can raise his little bootie and lift himself using his hands, but not yet both at once. Not that that gives us any solace, because yesterday we watched as he rolled across the floor to access a toy. He just went over and over and over until he got where he wanted to go. Time to baby proof...everything. At least he can't drive yet. Wait a second, is that the car engine I hear? Crap.

Attack of the Peas

This morning Graham tried the first food ever that I can say, unequivocably, he did not like. Peas. He gagged and gagged. I felt terrible. Well, terrible knowing that I am going to give him peas again tomorrow. It is horrible to watch, though. I had to capture the absolute disdain in his face with the camera. Please see below...

First swing...big whoop.

I brought Graham to a local playground for the first time yesterday and he got his first ride on a swing. He wasn't upset, but as you can see from the pictures, he was completely unaffected. I'm not sure that he realizes it is supposed to be fun! Perhaps subsequent trips will peak his interest more- I don't know?! After the rainforest jumparoo, I practically have to submerge him in a huge flashing baby apparatus to get him interested. That purchase may prove to have been a mistake in the long run...

Rantings from an Orange Household

Graham has graduated from cereal into vegetables and our clothes will never be the same. How many bleach runs does it take to get pureed carrots out of white clothing? I can tell you now- 4 or 5. Yikes. However, he seems to like them very much, so I guess that I shouldn't complain. He is now eating carrots, sweet potatoes (his favorite), squash, and prunes! Why are there no white vegetables?!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Ba-Rock the Vote!

"GO-bama!!" That's what Graham said today entering the Baylake Pines polling place in VA Beach. Well- he said "Goo goo Gaa gaa.", then screamed. But we know what he meant. Sorry Gramps- this one's a leftist pinko commie like his parents.

Mr. Graham Goes to Washington

This past weekend, Mr. Graham finally got some long awaited time with his Grampie, Auntie Lindsay, and Uncle Jeff. He had such fun that he slept the entire four hour trip back to Norfolk afterwards (with a smile on his face). He's going to be wondering where all of these fun people have gone when we have to head back home. I think he believes that there is a whole troupe of people dedicated solely to his daily entertainment.

Halloween...Bear Cub, the Return

Ok- so this post simply reveals how lazy I am in creating a Halloween costume- but, as Dad said, he's a chocolate "Teddy Graham"! If you have ever tried to draw a brown nose on a baby, you know that it takes considerable effort. Graham enjoyed trick or treating and I (I mean he) got some great candy out of it. :)