Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Graham's Windfall

We hit an awesome sale at Children's Place today and Graham got all of these new clothes for $20.33!! I could not believe it! Holy cow! The two pairs of khaki pants and sweater are for next season.

A Rare Cold Day

Graham enjoyed a rare 50-something degree day in style by bundling up and making his way around the playground at the railroad park. Look at all of these layers!

Ethan's Birthday Extravaganza

Graham was loving this birthday fun day! Ethan's birthday featured TWO jumpy bouncers of which he fully took advantage. We partied until he was pooped!

These Boots Were Made for Walking

Graham's Grandma sent him these awesome new boots. Here he is showing them off. His "boops".

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Life' s a Zoo!

Graham recently enjoyed a trip to the zoo during which I worked like a mule and he sat in his wagon and ate popcorn until he puked! Then, ate some more popcorn. Here he is enjoying the views of animals and also chowing down with his friend Claire.

Warm Warm Winter

In mid-January we enjoyed some gorgeous weather with temps in the 70's. Here's Graham on January 14th in shorts (reading a book) and here is a video of him enjoying our local sculpture garden!

Graham at the Museum

Graham was cooking up some fun at the Children' Museum last week. It was so rainy we had to get this kid out of the house. He thanked me by making me this sumptuous meal.