Friday, May 1, 2009


When we returned from the East Coast it took everything within my power to try to keep Graham up late the first night so that he would re-adjust to west coast time. I went as far as giving him the contents of my purse to play with- these glasses for example (which he destroyed) all so that he would sleep in (which he did not).

Another Plastic Monstrosity

Those of you who have followed our blog for some time know that the first blog posting was about a giant toy I haplessly purchased for Graham. Well, he has long since outgrown it so it was about time for another. Meet our latest purchase. I would lament the sheer size of this hulking plastic piece of toy, if it weren't for the fact that Graham plays with it every single day and loves it. Cest la vie, as the French say- I think that translates to, "There goes our house."

Walk Like a Man

Since Graham's Walking Debut a week and a half ago, he has been covering some ground. He's still a bit shaky on hills and inclines, but he can really move!! Check out the new video of him to see how far he's come in only two weeks!

Pudding Mania

So- I remembered my mother in law saying that little kids could paint with pudding (as it is non toxic and they can eat it). So, while visiting with my Mom in D.C. the other day we thought we would try it out and see what Graham thought. He was far too young to appreciate the artistic nature of the project, but was completely content to get naked and pour pudding all over himself. What can I say- let's just chalk this one up to "Mom Should Have Known Better". I can see that this one will have to wait until he is a little more mature.