Thursday, October 8, 2009

Graham's 1st...Bloody Nose

In a move that I don't expect will be his last, Graham gave himself his first bloody nose yesterday. Even with 5 other moms standing around he was so fast we couldn't seem to get to him in time. He stood up on a little car toy that had wheels and when the car came out from under him he face planted so hard that he looked like a falling tree. I don't think anything but his nose broke his fall. Fortunately, he still has all of his teeth, which is miraculous, and does not seem to have broken his nose, though this morning when he woke up his face looked pretty bruised. When you see the pic below note how different he looks- it's because his eyes and nose are puffy. Poor kid!!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Pumpkin Patch Fun

I took Graham to Mother Nature's Farm here for their pumpkin festival today. He got to take a hayride, bounce in a moon bounce, decorate a pumpkin, and tried to feed a number of animals hay straw- which he would have happily done all day! We definitely have an animal lover on our hands.

Steam Powered Fun

Graham and I went to the train park this past weekend and for the first time ever we went on a weekend day. It turns out that on weekends they pull out all of the stops and bring a special steam locomotive engine for the kid's train. Boy did Graham notice the difference. He insisted that we sit in the front car and couldn't get enough of the steam whistle! I must admit- it was pretty cool.