Friday, November 27, 2009

Turkey Day Toddler

How wonderful to share Thanksgiving with Graham now that he's a bit older! He ate mashed potatoes and gravy with his own spoon and enjoyed some Martinelli's sparkling cider, cranberry sauce, and even destroyed some pumpkin pie. Of course, we did not think about how much sugar was in the pie and Cool Whip and after he ate it, he was a wild man. A small price to pay.

Pretending at the Childrens Museum

For the first time Graham enjoyed some attractions at the Childrens Museum that were a little over his head before. He is just beginning to do some pretend play and really enjoyed "grocery shopping" and "cooking pizzas" in a little mini restaurant kitchen. It was awesome.

Pink Flamingo

Graham's favorite animal on our recent trip to the zoo was the Chilean flamingo. He couldn't get enough of these cute birds...

Monday, November 23, 2009

Holiday Cards...with an almost two year old.

We asked my aunt Colleen to take some nice pictures of us for our holiday card this year. Out of approximately 20 pictures, we had one good one. That's what happens when you ask a toddler to sit still. Here were some of the close contenders...You'll just have to wait for your card to see the one good one.

Spoon Man

Graham is getting more and more independent- he now says two word phrases- "Bye bye, Daddy!", and shakes his head to indicate "no". My favorite new development though is that he can feed himself with a spoon. It helps if the item he's eating is thick, but he is getting better every day and I am hoping we can start having more soup again soon in the Nichols household!

Friday, November 6, 2009

Trick or Treat!

Graham ended up visiting about five houses this past Halloween. After the second one he was running up to front doors and sticking his hand into people's candy bowls, so we are pretty sure he "gets it".

At one point I looked in his little pumpkin and he had no candy. I couldn't figure out what had happened until I realized that his friend Ethan ("The Steeler"- literally and figuratively) had been emptying his candy every time we put them back in the wagon!

Here are a couple of pics of Graham on Halloween night and one of Mr. Sticky-Fingers Ethan in action!

Pumpkin Time

Though Graham has already lived through one Thanksgiving, he didn't really take part in much besides sleeping. This time, he was much more invovled and helped to carve his first Jack-o-Lantern. We stripped him down thinking that it would get messy, but all he wanted to do was spoon the guts back into the pumpkin. Here are some action shots and the completed work of art.

Et tu Brute!

This year for Halloween it was decided (by me) that Graham would be Julius Caesar. First of all, it's so warm here that to make him an animal and cover him in fur would be cruel. Secondly, a toga is easy to sew! He definitely wore it well as I am beginning to realize that a toddler already thinks that he is a dictator...even before you ever put that laurel wreath on his head. This pics are of him at a Halloween party the week before Halloween- temperature: 85 degrees.