Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Please- spare me paparazzi!

Graham has been getting really upset when the sun glares in his eyes as we drive around town, so I bought him some new shades the day after Christmas. Now he wants to wear them indoors and out-it just goes to show that the Sun never sets when you're cool.

Bathtub Crayon Mania

On a whim, the other day, I bought some bathtub crayons for Graham while out with my Mom. He is so into them. Every night now, at bath time, he creates a magnum opus on our shower walls- which I then have to scrub off the next morning when I shower, but whatever- he has such a good time!

Right about the time the crayons run out, I'll be ready to stop scrubbing I think...

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Creativity at Work!

Here is Graham learning some artistic skills from the master...his Grammie! They drew on his new chalk board easel for hours. Graham even learned what eyebrows were because they drew so many faces.

Santa Has Come!

Graham was so shocked by the Christmas spread left by Santa that we could scarcely get him to enter our living room. Once he was in, though, it was on!! He was all of the time elated, and at times frenzied! Next year will be even crazier I am sure. The video is sideways at first, but straightens out...

Graham Plays Santa

One of the best times Graham had on Christmas morning was delivering presents from under the he is- Santa Graham in action!

Monday, December 7, 2009

Graham Jam

Graham has been waking up supremely early here, so the other day we set him in bed with us and turned on some cartoons at about 5:15am, and what did we come across , but a Monster Truck rally. It was love at first site for Graham, who now calls Monster Trucks "bobos". I found it funny, but I have no complaints- it's completely bad language and sexual content free. I just hope that he doesn't select it as a profession.

Babies at the Buffalo Corral

Horse-riding cavalry was a big part of how Fort Huachuca got started way back when, so they still have an active corral on base here. Sunday morning we took Graham to see the horses and this one very friendly little donkey named Speedy. Graham took more interest in the tractors we saw. Oh well. You can't win them all. Plus, it's been hard for him to get excited since that darn Christmas Parade!! Everything else pales in comparison!

Graham's First Parade

Graham enjoyed his first parade on Saturday night- the local Christmas parade. It featured many large trucks, fire engines, floats, and even goats with antler headbands on. He was so excited that Andy and I both agreed that it was worth us completely freezing every appendage off of our bodies to go. He either waved and/or pointed at every single thing in the parade.

Water Babies

Graham had a great time splashing at the indoor aquatic center today. He loved having some weekend time with his Daddy and they both loved sliding down this pirate ship slide many times. Check out this short video!

Tree Lighting

For the first time this year Graham got to wear mittens and a parka. Here he is all bundled up watching the Christmas tree lighting in the tiny town we're visiting. They lit up a Cypress tree-it was the most unusual choice of Christmas tree we have ever seen!

A Bit of New Scenery

This is a scene not seen by the Nichols in a while- snow covered mountains. We are out of town for a bit while Andy does some training and loving the cold snowy weather. Tonight snow is supposed to hit altitudes as low as 5,000ft. so Graham may just get to play in it before we leave!