Monday, April 20, 2009

Graham Walks for the First Time

On Easter Graham took his first unaided steps (much to our amazement), but no one caught it on camera. So, today I had intended to take a brief video of him taking maybe two or three steps, turned on the camera, and he walked across the whole room. Check out our newest video, which is actually Graham walking for the first time!!

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Graham's First Haircut

Graham is not yet a year old and was already looking really shaggy so last week his Grammie, Mommie and Auntie Lindsay took him to get his first haircut at a place called "Snippedi Doo Da" in Scottsdale. I think he may have had the best time of his life. They sat him in a racecar chair, handed him a toy train, and played baby einstein on a flat screen TV for him. You would have thought he had won the lottery. He looked so much better afterwards and is no longer looking like a sheepdog. Here are pictures before, during, and after:

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Graham's Recent Advances

Today Graham, for the first time, pointed to something and identified it by name. He has a whale mobile in his room that his Grammie made him and today he sat on his floor, pointed to it, and said clearly "Whae". The L was kind of lost but it was clear as a bell. Other than Mamma and Dadda, it's the first thing he's ever said and the first time he's ever pointed something out and named it. We were floored.

Only three days ago on Easter Graham took his first steps as well- it's amazing how candy can motivate child to move!! This kid is a freakin genius.

Graham's Home Run

On Easter Sunday we attended Graham's first ever baseball game. By some stroke of unbelievable luck Graham's Great Uncle Eric managed to score us the dugout suite at the Diamondback's Chase Stadium in Phoenix. For those who are unfamiliar with Chase Field, the Diamondbacks found they had a larger than necessary dugout and split it in half, making half of it a super luxury suite for folks to rent. We were field-side- close enough to converse with players. One of whom- Felipe Lopez (Diamondbacks shortstop)- gave Graham a game ball. How do you top it? We don't know. The family all together, a location not to be beat, and a story to tell Graham when he gets older. It was the experience of a lifetime.

Shout Out to My Peeps

Graham laid waste to his first Easter basket here last week- thoroughly enjoying his first ever taste of candy (and last for a while). He munched the heck out of this peep and was doubly excited when we let him have a bite of Reese's Peanut butter cup egg. He was jacked up all morning and received a good tooth brushing afterward!

Our "New" Furniture

If you saw this furniture before you know that it had been abused for some time. A genius furniture refinisher and four weeks later and alakazam!! We are now the proud owners of these gorgeous pieces. Before and after for the first piece...

The First First Seder

We hosted our very own Seder at home this year because we do not know anyone in town yet. Graham was awake for the lighting of the candles (about 2 minutes in) and then fell asleep. So it was a party of two this year for the Nichols. We did a good job though and ate lots of smoked salmon, matzo balls, and some yummy coconut macaroons.

Graham's First Easter Egg Hunt

The week before Easter Graham attended a spring party where he enjoyed his first Easter Egg Hunt. He found one egg and then we helped him out a bit and threw another one into the mix. It was so windy that we had difficulty keeping the basket...and Graham, from flying away!

Moses Supposes His Toeses Are Roses

Ok- so you get kudos if you can guess my title reference. Graham and I went to smell and enjoy the local rose garden outside our library today. Things are in full bloom here in Scottsdale, where daytime temperatures are averaging 80 gorgeous degrees...for now.

Gettin' Around

Graham's getting around recently using his push toy his Grandma gave him. He rockets through the house with this thing crashing into walls, our ankles, and numerous other objects. He even drives it around the neighborhood and when we go to the mailbox! Now if only we could convince him to walk without it.